UCCE Master Gardeners of San Bernardino County
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UCCE Master Gardeners of San Bernardino County

Seeds for Schools

The San Bernardino County Master Gardeners have started a seed library.

We are interested in partnering with schools, to help teach children and teachers alike the importance of seed saving, and planting from seed. We would like to offer seasonally appropriate seeds to schools, with the idea that they could grow these seeds in their school gardens and then return some seeds to the library at the end of the growing season. This would help to teach kids about growing plants from seeds. We would like the children to learn about the growing cycle and then to learn about harvesting and letting plants go to seed as well. With the garden, for example, schools can harvest 4/5 of what they grow and then learn about what pollinators and critters feed on the plants as they go to flower. Many plants are crucial for pollinator feeding, but are often not let go long enough to flower and seed. The students could then learn about the seed formation and harvesting process with the hopes that some seeds could be returned to the library for future check out, or that you could start seed saving within your own school.

We will have a portion of the seeds we receive at the seed library available to the check out to the public. There will be another portion of the library that will be available only to schools and community gardens, in the hopes that it will help schools and community gardens utilize the resources available to them through the San Bernardino County Master Gardeners.


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