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Master Gardeners Extend Gardening and Landscaping Information to the Public

Two green thumbs up for UCCE Master Gardener of San Bernardino County Bob Yocum!  Long-term Master Gardener Extraordinaire Bob Yocum, who regularly helps out at this year's training class in Loma Linda (bottom photo, far left side) also built open-top hoop houses at the Crafton Hills College Garden to keep the veggies happy and the critters out!  Thank you Bob!

Bob Yocum hoop house Crafton Hills College

MG SB Class of 2020 and Bob Yocum

Who are UCCE Master Gardeners?  UCCE Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who provide unbiased information to the public. Areas of expertise include drought-resistant sustainable landscapes and food production in home, community and school gardens.Our San Bernardino County Master Gardeners reach over 30,000 residents annually.   Thank you for your service and commitment to this important program that brings objective information directly to the public.

Do you have a home landscape or gardening question? Contact a MG volunteer for help at (909)387-2182 or mgsanbern@ucanr.edu

Topics of Interest

Top 10 Ways to  Conserve Water In your Landscape   Top Ten Ways to Conserve Water

Asian Citrus Psyllid: http://ucanr.edu/sites/ACP/

UC Riverside Urban Landscape Field Day Links (from Sept. 3, 2020)


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UCR Field Day Introduction

Mulch/No Mulch Study:


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UCCE Master Gardener Program Mission Statement 

Extend research based knowledge and information on home horticulture, pest management, and sustainable landscape practices to the residents of California and be guided by our core values and strategic initiatives.

October Gardening Tips

It’s time to:

  • Clean out flower and vegetable gardens to discourage diseases and pests from overwintering in your beds.
  • Install drought tolerant shrubs and perennials such as barberry, ceanothus, dogwood, iris, fremontia, manzanita, Oregon grape, penstemon, redbud, rockrose, smoke tree, toyon.
  • Plant spring bulbs! You have about 2 months to get them in the ground.
  • Direct seed cornflower, nasturtium, nigella, poppy, lupine, columbine, sweet pea, garden pea, and stock.
  • Plant onions, garlic, artichokes and asparagus before frost.
  • Direct seed beets, bok choy, spinach, peas, mustard and radishes.

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Speaker Request

Have you considered having a UC Cooperative Extension Master Gardener volunteer speak to your club or organization?  Topics include:  Beautiful, drought efficient landscapes, growing food in backyard, school, and community gardens, and the interaction of horticulture, health, and happiness!   Email: magoneill@ucanr.edu at least 45 days in advance of your chosen date and include the event name, organization, time, and location.  Thanks!   

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