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Garden Guides

Garden Guides
Collective School Garden Network - California School Garden Network

The "Steps to a School Garden" page of the cgsn website contains links to resources for each step of managing a school garden including planning, funding, planting, harvesting, teaching, and training. These resources were part of Life Lab's California School Garden Training Program. 


Gardens for Learning is a comprehensive guide to creating and sustaining a school garden and spotlights programs throughout California.



Community Food Initiatives

The School Garden Toolkit developed by this Ohio organization covers many gardening topics including companion planting, succession planting, compost systems, cover crops, and rain barrels. It also provides instructions for garden art and construction projects.



Cornell Garden Based Learning

Sowing the Seeds of Success was developed in partnership with the American Horticultural Society to provide tools to start, sustain, and expand youth and community garden programs. 



Indiana Grown for Schools Network

The School Gardens Toolkit contains chapters on school garden readiness, indoor gardens, and harvesting, as well as an extensive list of resource links.



Jackson County Health Department

Starting a School Garden: A Toolkit for Success was developed by the Jackson County Health Department in Illinois. In addition to outlining the basic steps of starting a school garden, it also discusses connecting the garden to the cafeteria and classroom.




KidsGardening provides downloadable resources through the "Starting a School Garden Program" page on their website. 



Life Lab

Life Lab provides a wide array of school garden resources from planning and design to networking and assessment on their website.



Master Gardener Association of San Diego County

Plant a Seed, Watch it Grow was created to help teachers start and maintain a garden with their students and integrate garden learning into the curriculum.



United States Botanic Garden

Growing Strong was developed by the US Botanic Garden, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (Washington, DC), and City Blossoms. It offers guidance on starting a school garden, maintaining a garden, and using the garden for instruction.


The Greenhouse Manual shows educators how to use a greenhouse as a hands-on learning environment.


Cultivating Young Leaders is a workbook for developing a youth-led cooperative garden business.


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