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Get Your Hands Dirty for 2023 Healthy Soils Week

UC Master Gardener volunteer in Sutter-Yuba Counties giving a vermicomposting demonstration. Photo credit: Johnny Yang


The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and UC Master Gardener Program invite you to join us in the celebration of Healthy Soils Week Dec. 2-9. Healthy Soils Week is a statewide initiative that shines a spotlight on the pivotal role healthy soil plays in sustaining our environment, gardens, agriculture, and the planet. This year, CDFA has organized a week-long event to raise awareness about the importance of soil health and the benefits it offers to our communities.

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As we all come together to learn, share, and grow, let's delve into the incredible world of soil and discover why it deserves a week of recognition.

Why is soil health important?

  1. Improved plant health and yields. Healthy soils provide essential nutrients and an ideal environment for plant growth, resulting in higher crop yields and better-quality produce.
  2. Increased water infiltration and retention. Healthy soils can absorb and retain water more effectively, reducing runoff and ensuring a stable water supply for agriculture and natural ecosystems.
  3. Carbon sequestration and reduced greenhouse gases. Healthy soils act as a carbon sink, capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide, mitigating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Reduced sediment erosion and dust. Healthy soils prevent erosion, protecting waterways and air quality by minimizing sediment and dust pollution.
  5. Improved water and air quality. Soil health practices filter pollutants, resulting in cleaner water and air for communities and wildlife.
  6. Enhanced biological diversity and wildlife habitat. Healthy soils foster diverse microbial communities and provide habitats for countless organisms, contributing to thriving ecosystems.

Healthy Soils Week is a fantastic opportunity to join the movement for soil health and sustainability. By participating in the activities and events, you can learn more about how to protect and enhance the health of our soils.

Upcoming events:

UC Master Gardener volunteers are working within California communities to promote sustainable gardening practices and encourage soil health. Their dedication and expertise make a significant impact on the state's efforts to protect and improve soil quality for future generations. Learn more about the UC Master Gardener Program by visiting mg.ucanr.edu.

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