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UCCE Master Gardeners of San Bernardino County

Fall is a Great Time to Plant Trees

Fall is a great time to plant trees in our urban landscapes. Temperatures are cooler than summer and trees adjust to transplanting much better than during the heat of summer.

Why trees? Trees reduce surface temperatures of asphalt and other dark impervious surfaces by over 60 degrees F in inland cities during spring and summer. They also reduce energy usage and costs, enhance habitat and pollinator populations, absorb and store carbon dioxide, provide oxygen for our subsistence, reduce erosion, reduce glare and noise, add beauty to our neighborhoods, and enhance mental and emotional health.

I am appreciative to UCCE San Bernardino County Master Gardener trainee Alex Shippee for his graphic design wizardry, making a drab publication on planting trees inviting and appealing to read.




Have more questions about your trees? Contact the UC Cooperative Extension Master Gardener tree helpline in San Bernardino County. 22trees4tomorrow@gmail.com or our general telephone helpline at (909)387-2182 or email mgsanbern@ucanr.edu where your gardening questions can also be addressed. (You will also reach this website by following the QR code link above.)  We also have this handout available in Spanish.

Posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 8:45 AM
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