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UCCE Master Gardeners of San Bernardino County

Congratulations! 2020 Gardeners with Heart

"If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever.” Kofi Annan

Congratulations to all of the volunteers awarded as the 2020 Gardeners with Heart! UC Master Gardener Program is excited to feature special volunteers or Gardeners with Heart from across the state in celebration of our program's 40th year. Gardeners with Heart volunteers were nominated by their local county leadership for their creativity, strategic thinking, passion for the program's mission, and commitment to outreach. Please enjoy this celebration of the contributions of 52 of our 6,000 exceptional UC Master Gardener Program volunteers!

2020 Gardeners with Heart: 

  • Barbara S., Lake County

  • Bob C., Ventura County

  • Borah L., Los Angeles and Yolo County

  • Bob and Sharon Y. San Bernardino County

  • Cheryl T. El Dorado County

  • Cie C., Sonoma County

  • Darlene D., Contra Costa County

  • Debi A., San Bernardino County

  • Devra L., Alameda County

  • Diane G., Santa Barbara County

  • Diane J., Sonoma County

  • Doris M., Amador County

  • Electra D., Sonoma County

  • Esther M., San Bernardino County

  • Eve K., El Dorado County

  • Gail M., Marin County

  • Harry L., Ventura County

  • Irene B., Alameda County

  • Jan K., Sutter-Yuba County

  • Janet M., Contra Costa County

  • Jerry M., Lake County

  • Jessica W., Marin County

  • Jillian K. and Adam W., San Bernardino County

  • Joan S., Alameda County

  • Judie T., Nevada County

  • Julie D., Alameda CountyKarole W., Lake County

  • Karole W., Lake County

  • Kathy M., Sonoma County
  • Kay P., Butte County

  • Lee R., Ventura County

  • Lee M., San Joaquin County

  • Linda H., Ventura County

  • Linda G., Orange County

  • Linda D., San Joaquin County

  • Mary J., Contra Costa County

  • Mary Lou L., Orange County

  • Merry Jo V., Lake County

  • Nancie R., Alameda County

  • Nicole V., Ventura County

  • Norma Y., Orange County

  • Pam R., Santa Clara County

  • Pat S., San Joaquin County

  • Peg S., Yolo County

  • Penny F., Sonoma County

  • Roanna P., Ventura County

  • Robin S., El Dorado County

  • Robyn B., Contra Costa County

  • Sherida P., San Joaquin County

  • Sherry R., Solano County

  • Stacey S., Contra Costa County

  • Steve S., San Joaquin County

  • Sue L., Sonoma County

  • Summer B., El Dorado County

  • Ted H., Stanislaus County

  • Terri T., Contra Costa County

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Posted on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 11:41 AM
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